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Our Mission

Speaking God’s Word to the World. Comfort those in loss, give hope by showing that someone cares and to never give up because God has not given up on them.
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Our Vision

To bring as many people to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Helping to stop homelessness, and drug and alcohol addiction to end.
  • Proud of your hard work, persistence, your perseverance, your Faith and Integrity in never turning back or giving up on building your Ministry..we know it was hard, challenging, battling. Yes God already had your Victory. You testified in Bible Study couple weeks ago on your Bold Faith. Blessings brother. We will help support your Journey and your future vision having a building with land .
    Men’s Ministry Our Daily Bread
  • God loves the person who gives ·happily [cheerfully]. And God can ·give you more blessings than you need [ overflow/abound all grace to you]. Then ·you will always have plenty of everything { in all things at all times you will have all you need]— ·enough to give to [abounding/overflowing in] every good work. Amen. 2 Corinthians 9:
    Men’s Ministry Leesburg Va.
  • Prayers and Thanks for you speaking yesterday. Thank You for sharing Bold Faith Promises of God and Testimonial of conquering your struggles in Spiritual Victories, your joy and persistence perseverance. Very strong message of uplifting in the Holy Ghost Fire you explained. God Bless You from the Fellowship Group in Manassas House for Hope.
    Brother Tom Manassas Va.
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