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I will be traveling through many southern States to Spread God’s Word to those who are lost.  My Ministry is directive on Encouragement, Inspiration, Hope. 
 I will partner with disaster organizations, my Church..Cornerstone Chapel US Outreach, Samaritan Purse, Christ in Action Inc, meeting with other churches alongside of Salvation Army, others as well..  to pray over, to bring to the Lord, to testify on the can do power inside of us to beat drug addictions, alcohol, cigarettes, anger. help in food banks, visiting the Many new folks set up along the way from Va. to Florida to Texas gulf coast to Tenn, Kentucky to Ohio back to Va. in Need of a new small camper, things from bibles to living needs to travel troubles along the way..  praying to meet this challenge of 65000.00 by March 1st 2023, I have invested all what little have to start this Ministry.

 This will also help with Feeding the new Ministry Companion, praying blonde lab again, her needs to gas through the traveling Journey.  
Please donate and help this new Ministry go on its 12-14 month Journey.  Building a website in a few weeks, YouTube channel is up,  Facebook Page has folks from all over the world. 
Almost 200 and growing, since 2 years ago. Please help make this goal become the dream and dire of serving the Lord.  It’s been very hard getting started. Expensive and many tears of just giving up. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.     Deuteronomy 13:6 Hebrews 13:5. Hebrews 13:8 Amen.     

Thank You for your donations. If possible stop by again. 
The Journey will be posted on The Ministry Facebook Page, Word of Hope Through Jesus Christ Ministry..,  YouTube channel, short video clips through the Journey. picture and possible testimonies, Evangelizing to the channels as well. God Bless.
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