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PO Box 623 Mananas Park Virginia 20113

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When were you established?

     I started my Fellowship Page on Facebook on December 10th 2016. I prayed to the Lord then to Move me forward as His Will and Timing to have a Ministry. 5 years later on December 15th 2021 Word of Hope Through Jesus Christ, Inc was established.

    Where is your Church Fellowship?

    Starting out I do not have building just yet. Praying that God provides a building and property by Late 2023. At this time I will be traveling the Southern States in Disaster areas and give testimonial encouragement as I travel. I will fellowship at many Churches as well as here in North Virginia. Feeding, rebuilding praying, Inspiration, testifying and Speaking the Gospel to those who are in need of Hope. I will have Pastors and others visit to speak at my Fellowship of the Lord in the future time.

    Are you a Pastor?

     I’m An Evangelist, Discipleship in the the Lord’s Word. Encouragement, Inspiration and Giving Bold Hope. Bold Faith Healing through the Lord’s Works. Studying for my Chaplain Credentials through the International Fellowship of Chaplains and extending my Studying in the Billy Graham’s Evangelist Association. Disaster Relief Comfort as well as Civic and Community Services.
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